People for the Ethical Treatment on Animals (PETA)

By Emily Reed – Fashion PR student

How would you feel if you found out that your favourite make-up brand tested on animals? Well, i’m afraid its pretty likely.

Even after so much pressure from activist groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment on Animals (PETA) and The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), animal testing is still taking place today! Testing on cute, harmless, defenceless animals is happening so we can have certain make-up? Does this not seem completely ludicrous to everyone?

Cosmetic companies that have been ‘outed’ to still use animal testing include your much loved M.A.C, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown and Revlon to name just a few. Is your go-to make-up brand in that list? If yes, ask yourself how it makes you feel? Do you care? Will you stop buying your cosmetics from there now? This is an ethical dilemma I’m sure many of you animal-loving-make-up-crazy girls face regularly.


Many are not aware of the cruelty these animals face, or maybe they just don’t want to know.

So what is animal testing?

Animals are forced to take toxics either through ingesting it or being injected with it. The animal will then be put through an awful and painful experiment, killed and then dissected to examine the full extent of damage and lastly simply jucked away!

It has been discovered, and later protested, that these disgusting tests on animals can in fact be done via more advanced and in some cases less expensive alternatives! So why isn’t it happening?

Alternatives to animal testing include, In vitro-testing, computer modeling and experiments with human volunteers. You can read about each one in more detail here. (Why humans are allowed to volunteer and for obvious reasons animals can’t is another debate entirely!)

As an animal lover, (i’m beginning to like animals a lot more than people after reading some these horror stores) it is disgusting to me that over 11 million animals are still being tested on each year in Europe alone.

These animals are being poisoned, starved, deprived of water, infected with diseases, deliberately paralysed, surgically mutated, burned… and get this… it is all legal! How?

PETA, along with other animal-welfare activists groups have been campaigning for years, but more needs to be done in order to get the message out there. I think a lot of people turn a blind eye because they are scared at what they might discover, but it’s about time something was done. Boycott those unfair make-up brands, find a different cosmetic brand to invest in, talk about it on social media, get the message out there anyway you can!

As PETA say “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way”.



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