Drugs for medical reasons… What’s your opinion?

By Emily Reed – Fashion PR student

So, depending on your experience or knowledge when it comes to the old ‘Mary Jane’, everyone really will have a different stance on this subject. Weed, wacky backy, dope, ganga, dube… however you’re familiar with the term, marijuana will evoke different feelings for each of you.

Yes i admit, i don’t agree with drugs when used for recreational purposes, i think it’s reckless. However, i can’t judge people and i do sympathise that people fall into these downward spirals in unfortunate situations and it can’t always be helped. But we’re not here to talk about drugs used for fun, that’s a different topic entirely. So do i agree with marijuana being used for medical purposes? I’m undecided. To be honest, i don’t know enough about the subject to take an absolutist approach and i think it has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

I’ve come across a lot of negative opinions surrounding this topic, many people see it in black and white, in their minds there are no grey areas and individuals that choose to go down this path are left with a stigma and a judgement is placed on them. However, the research i have done does leave an undeniable question in my mind that i can’t seem to shake, if someones in pain surely they shouldn’t be judged for doing whatever they can to ease that discomfort?

I think what is dangerous is when people decide to self medicate, ‘medical marijuana’ is the term given to the medical practice of using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant in its natural form. It is different from the marijuana you may be familiar with. The marijuana plant actually holds a very special chemical within its make up. These chemicals, called cannabinoids, are the bit medical researchers are interested in and have been proven to help conditions such as MS, mental disorders, seizures, Alzheimer’s and many more. Some patients suffering from upsetting illnesses such as Cancer or AIDS, say medical marijuana helped them with symptoms like nausea and even allowed their appetite to reappear which in turn helped them to build up the strength to fight these diseases.

The only reasons that i can seem to find as to why this extract hasn’t been approved for medical use yet is because in order to be recognised it needs to be trialled and tested on a mass scale and this hasn’t happened yet.

Another question that plays on my mind is if medical marijuana was approved worldwide, how easy would it be for people to abuse the system? How easy would it be for someone, a perfectly healthy individual to replica symptoms in order to be prescribed the drug?

Unless you’ve actually been affected by a debilitating illness and forced to endure a variety of different weird and wonderful potions and lotions then in my opinion you can’t truly know what you would do in that situation. You may be totally against drugs and that’s fine, but can you whole-heartedly and honestly say that if you were in the position where no medical-approved drugs were improving your health and you were given the chance to try a different approach that could ease your pain that you wouldn’t jump at it?



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