Is Obesity an Ethical Issue?

By Emily Reed – Fashion PR student

Obesity is a colossal issue that is affecting the nation. In the U.K. alone 64% of adults are classed as obese or overweight and it’s predicted to continue to grow.

Weight it a tricky subject, one day we’re too thin, the next we’re too fat. Surely a persons weight is there own business and as a community we should embrace and celebrate the diversity in our body shapes?

On the other hand, It could be argued that obesity is an ethical issue because the health complications, such as strokes, heart problems and diabetes, that are associated with having an unhealthily large waistline can result in plaguing healthcare services with unnecessary costs and resources. But who’s at fault and is it already too late for our literally ‘growing’ nation?
There’s no absolute definite answer to this topic, it will depend on who you’re talking to and where but, pardon the pun, its food for thought…
  • Could you say that food manufacturers are to blame and they should be doing more to make people aware of what they are consuming.
  • Or could we say it’s the parents fault because they should be ensuring they are educating their kids on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Alternatively, could we place blame on the government and say they’re not doing enough to help this pandemic?
Whatever your feelings and however they differ, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing, something needs to be done before we loose even more people prematurely.
*Please note i understand some cases of obesity are genetic so therefore little can be done.

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