Fashion Revolution: 2 euro t-shirt

By Emily Reed – Fashion PR student

Even if you’re not a massive fashion-follower you must have heard about the ‘2 Euro T-Shirt’ experimented Fashion Revolution conducted to see really how ethical the general public are?

It’s a video I watched last year when it first came to light and before I had started this blog, but it came up in conversation yesterday in class and I thought it was a great talking point for this blog!

So, for those of you that may have been hiding under a rock for the past year, in a nutshell the ‘2 Euro T-Shirt’ was a social campaign and the brain child of Fashion Revolution and advertising giants BBDO. The projects aim was to make people aware of Fashion Revolution Day that takes place each year in April.

The campaign saw a giant vending machine placed in a busy Berlin street, but not your average vender selling snacks unfortunately,  no this vending machine sold t-shirts! Yes, thats right, you could pop out on your lunch hour and grab yourself a brand new t-shirt for just 2 euros, sounds great doesn’t it? Would you be tempted?


What’s the catch you’re asking? Well, this 2 euro t-shirt wasn’t a great opportunity to grab yourself a bargain, it was actually a genius PR stunt to make people think about where their clothes come from and the impact of child labour.

So did it work?

When the buyer selected the size they wanted the t-shirt in, instead of asking for their money and processing the order, they would be shown a video of a ‘sweatshop’ where the t-shirt would be made, showing the conditions the staff had to ordeal everyday, the long hours they worked and the minuscule wage they would be expected to live off. At the end of the video the unassuming consumers were asked whether they would like to buy the t-shirt or to donate their money!


What would you do, buy or donate?

Take a look for yourself, watch the video here!

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